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Where being a bully wont get you sent to the principals office!

Kaufmann Bullies is the number one breeder of American Bulldogs in Arizona
American Bulldog breeder in Arizona, Maddie May, American Bulldog puppies available.

Perfection is our goal

Anybody can breed dogs, but we are focused on breeding superior American Bulldogs with correct form, perfect confirmation, optimal health, genetic diversity, and personalities that charm.

American Bulldog breeder in Arizona, puppies for sale

Training Disciplines

We have years of knowledge in training dogs and are working with some of our dogs for the show ring, some for weight pulling, and some for protection. When we plan a breeding, we choose the pair based on the optimal result being puppies potentially able to compete in any type of discipline they are chosen for.

puppies for sale, American Bulldog breeders in Arizona

Blog With Us

Our partner website is where we like to show off our new litters and provide updates from our past customers on the status of their dogs as they mature after leaving us.  Feel free to take a look.

puppies for sale, Arizona American Bulldog breeders

Have a Look Around!

We are constantly evolving our American Bulldog website to include new and exciting information about our bully yard, as well as, things going on with the American Bulldog hobby.  Be sure and bookmark us and check back often for updates.

puppies for sale, American Bulldog studs available, Arizona American Bulldog breeders

Leroy is our Pride and Joy

We have raised many American Bulldog males over the years but few compare to Leroy The Axe Murderer.  Leroy is very special in that he has all of the characteristics that describe the ideal American Bulldog.  He is athletic and extremely healthy, assertive yet not overly aggressive, very well mannered and trainable even as an adult, and most of all a loyal companion that is completely safe around our kids.  You will see mention of a “project in the making” around our website if you look around at everything we have to offer. Well, Leroy plays a very important role in this project and in 2015 we will announce and celebrate the culmination of the years it took to create our version of the Ideal American Bulldog.  Stay tuned because you will not want to miss this next summer!

  • Smart 95%
  • Athletic 95%
  • Beautiful 100%
American Bulldog studs, puppies for sale

Arizona is the home of Kaufmann Bullies, LLC.

Benny the American Bulldog- We hope to have puppies for sale in late Summer from Benny bred to Tomb Raider

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